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Career Ready

Students at the School District of Beloit Turner are considered Career Ready when they have identified a career interest and meet two of the behavioral and experiential benchmarks listed below. For your reference,click here to view the Redefining Ready! summary of the indicators. 

High School

Career Readiness Indicators 

  • Career cluster identified and two or more of the following benchmarks:
  • 90% Attendance (Freshman Year, Subsequent years tracked as well)
  • 25 Hours of Community Service
  • Workplace Learning Experience
  • Industry Credential
  • Dual Credit Career Pathway Course
  • Two or More Organized Co-Curricular Activities

Middle School

Career Readiness Indicators 

  • 90% Attendance Rate and/or % students with less than 10% absenteeism
  • % of Students with an identified Career Plan
  • % of Students in each grade level engaged in 1 or more enrichment and extracurricular activities

Elementary Schools

Career Readiness Indicators 

  • Attendance Rate- % students with less than 90% or higher attendance rate